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Sample cover letter for Internship position at Deloitte



September 23rd, 2014

Recruiter Name Deloitte & Touche LLP Address
Address 2

Dear Recruiter Name,

My name is Name and I am pleased to present my application for a full-time audit position at the Deloitte office in Address. I have spoken with several members of Deloitte’s audit teams and was each time impressed by their acuity and passion for both accounting and their firm. I am confident that I can show my own accounting skills and passion for efficiency make me an excellent fit for Deloitte, just as they did.

I discovered my passion for accounting during my tenure as Vice President of Finance for University’s DJ Club, when my duties forced me to learn and apply proper accounting procedures and internal controls in order to organize and control the club’s complex finances. This was a challenging task, as the University DJ Club was essentially a student-run small business which generated its own profits performed services. I designed a custom accounting system with Gnucash which efficiently and accurately recorded the coming year’s fiscal activity, which provided me with a strong understanding of practical accounting theory and applied internal controls. During the year, I interacted regularly with our clients and worked as a team in the club’s executive board, forecasting cash flows and preparing quarterly budgets and reconciliations. While taking on these responsibilities as VP of Finance, I simultaneously held a summer job, took a full load of classes, excelled in a part-time accounting position, actively participated in the Accounting Society, and pursued my hobby of DJing, all while maintaining a healthy social life and GPA. My accounting and time management skills will be vital to succeeding at Deloitte.

I was able to apply what I had learned that year to my work at the Place2, where I was given the opportunity to assist the non-profit’s accounting department and CFO in their fiscal year-end closing and annual internal and external third party audit. It was here that I found my passion for understanding business operations. I enjoyed understanding how each employee’s work helped achieve the organization’s goals because I would be able to find ways to perform my own tasks to more efficiently and effectively achieve those goals. While working full time there, I also took two accounting courses and taught myself Visual Basic programming in order to further optimize my efficiency at work. I was actually able to use the programming I learned this summer to automate several tasks such as bulk emails and manage large spreadsheets.

My passion for accounting and desire to understand clients and their complex businesses and circumstances align with Deloitte’s audit approach to understand a client’s business, risks, internal controls in order to provide the most effective audit procedures. After conversing with several team members about their passions and goals, I believe I am an excellent for Deloitte’s culture and philosophy. I was inspired by audit manager Name2’s dedication and ambition but also humbled by her modesty and kindness. I also clicked well with Name3 and look forward to possibly working with him and all the other team members I’ve spoken with.

Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to discussing this position further.

Best, Name Address Phone 

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