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Sample cover letter for Internship position at Deutsche Bank


Summer Analyst

In your opinion, what are the main challenges for the Financial Services industry and what are the opportunities for Deutsche Bank in the current economic climate? (Max 150 words)*.

As China’s economy is slowing down coupled with Russia’s own economic problems, the Western economies are struggling to meet predicted growth rates. To deal with the big social and economic challenges we are facing today, Deutsche Bank can focus more monetary assets into small business outside the financial sector, with more efficient and successful financial speculation. To do this sustainable workforce that systematically manages talent demand and supply is fundamental, by putting the right people with the right skills in the right jobs. This decreases costs, increases ability to execute on trades and allows linkage between strategy and people. Deutsche Bank has the opportunity to enhance its workforce; see which areas the bank is robust and where it could be even stronger; hire and train the right people if things change and put the plan into effect, finally see what works and were the bank can adapt.

Briefly explain the main role of your division of choice, how it contributes to the Bank and why you are interested in working in this division. (Max 150 words)*.

Sales people essentially sell trade ideas to clients and facilitate in the execution of trades that client’s desire, liaising with the research team. Traders participate in trading financial securities on behalf of clients dealing with members of the sales team, acting as intermediaries. The main aim of this division is to generate profit through taking advantage of securities' price movements and predict where and when these movements will occur. I have been interested in the power of money. Overtime I learned that the entities controlling the monetary and banking system are capable of understanding and influencing decisions by governments and the future. As someone who enjoys working in fast-paced environments, the dynamic and collaborative nature of the division is an aspect, which attracts me. My experience on desk trading stimulations has given me hands-on understanding of the markets and a sense of satisfaction that my input could change the news.

What makes you a strong candidate for this division, considering the key attributes that would make someone successful in this business. (Max 100 words)*

As Liaisons Officer of the African Caribbean Society, I recognise the importance of developing strong client relationships, an aspect which is highly essential in this division. My experience as a fundraiser has equipped me with exceptional confidence, customer service and communicational skills to interact with people in any environment. I have a strong work ethic, and my initiative and willingness has enabled me to succeed in various aspects of life. I am able to make quick, effective decisions and take on a number of tasks simultaneously, which has been amplified through my role as Liaisons Officer and Student Progressions Ambassador.

What extra curricular activities do you participate in? (Such as societies, entrepreneurial activities, sports, music, volunteering and so on) (Max 100 words)*.

I enjoy releasing steam and taking a break through various sporting activities. I have played football all my life and currently play once a week for the ACS football team, we successfully made it to the finals of the societies tournament in 2012. I play basketball and table tennis every now and then with some friends from high school in the park, and I also played at High School for one year in year 11 for the school team. In 2010 I also volunteered at a youth club working with teenagers from less privileged backgrounds and youth offending teams.

Afiyin Fambegbe -

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