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Sample cover letter for Internship position at Digi



As a motivated and successful sophomore at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and as a member and leader

in many student organizations, I am eager to take the next step into the business world. I learned about this

internship opportunity at Ameriprise Financial through my father, a long-time employee of the company, and I

am excited about the prospect of working for such a dedicated leader in financial services. I feel that my

excellent interpersonal and analytical skills coupled with my proven leadership qualities and strong work ethic

would make me a great fit for Ameriprise Financial.

The courses I have taken in economics, finance, and accounting have provided me with a broad understanding

of the markets and economy, the ability to analyze financial data and business decision making. Through this

coursework, I have strengthened my analytical and quantitative skills. I believe that this arsenal of knowledge

would be a valuable asset in working as an intern for Ameriprise. In addition, I have enhanced my

communication and writing skills through communication arts and composition courses.

I have supplemented my education with jobs and participation in many student organizations, growing and

developing qualities that cannot be acquired solely in the classroom. Working as a soccer referee over the past

six years, I have dealt with substantial responsibility and making quick decision making, and I have attained

outstanding conflict management and communication skills. I have also taken initiative in expanding the alumni

network in my fraternity as Alumni Chair by organizing numerous events and obtaining several new contacts,

relying upon my planning skills as well as my leadership qualities.

Ameriprise is a company that strives toward meeting its clients’ needs through a personalized approach and a

sincere interest in their lives while valuing dedication and excellence in everyday work. As a compassionate

individual and student devoted to my studies, I believe I exemplify the qualities upon which Ameriprise’s

mission and values are built. I would like to thank you for the opportunity, and I appreciate your time and

consideration. Enclosed is my resume. I look forward to learning more about the position and discussing my

qualifications in an interview

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