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Graphic Design

Vanessa Torrez

Pueblo, CO 81006

November 12th, 2014

Art Department

Colorado State University Pueblo

2200 Bonforte Blvd.

Pueblo, CO 81001

Dear Art Department,

I am writing to inform you of my interest in the Master’s of Fine Arts in Studio Program (Painting/Drawing) for the Fall of 2016.

Over the past two years I have been involved with art as an undergraduate student. Currently, I am completing a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts in Graphic Design at Colorado State University Pueblo (CSUP) ,with a GPA of 3.6. While attending CSUP, I have been on the Dean’s list every semester and I have made a strong connection with all of my art professors and colleagues. While attending Pueblo Community College in 2012, I was President of the Art Club. I have been engaged in numerous art shows and events hosted by PCC’s Art Club, and a drawing of mine also won first place in PCC’s student art show.

I developed an interest in the arts in high school, while taking early college courses at Pueblo Community College my junior and senior year. During my time in the program, I learned a great deal about the history of art and the many different methods and medium used to create art. At first, I had never touched a paint brush until taking studio courses at the community college. I was always intimidated by using any new medium other than a pencil. This newfound passion for painting that I developed has inspired and convinced me to further my education and expand my knowledge in the use of different medium to create art. This led me to apply for a BFA at Colorado State University Pueblo. This program allowed me to study many different techniques and methods of producing and studying art, including ceramics, digital art, drawing of the human figure, and of course the use of graphical elements to create art.

Color, scale, and space are aspects I have been paying attention to, but the bulk of my work relies on the energy of the process itself and the idea of conceptual thinking. Presently, in majority of my work I draw attention to objects that exist in reality but cannot be seen, for example, the human skull. It fascinates me to know that each of us have a skull but none of us can see it physically in our lifetime. As for the methodology I follow, I study the human anatomy consistently and I experiment by exaggerating objects and shapes. I am currently working on a 5 set of painted pieces that display the human heart in the phase of death and how it physically changes from phase to phase.

If I am accepted into the MFA Studio program, I will continue to focus on my way of developing ideas and producing art conceptually. Through historical research of the anatomy, I intend to further my interest and create a series of paintings that provide visual elements of the figure internally and externally, but also a conceptual sense of composition that sends a message or raises questions and curiosity.

Given my education and experience, I am confident that I am an excellent fit for the MFA Studio program. If you have any further questions, please contact me using the information at the top of this letter.


Vanessa Torrez

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