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Sample cover letter for Internship position at DownEast Cider


Packaging Designer

As a Clemson University graduate student in Packaging Science who is planning to graduate this winter, I am applying to the packaging position at Downeast Cider House per your posting at CareersInBeer.com.

I am interested in the prospect of working for a small company and taking on multiple roles. I enjoy building a broad base of knowledge over a variety of topics; while my focus has been on packaging, I have also studied business communication, technical writing, finance, graphic communication, and during my academic career. I strongly believe in understanding not only the roles in my job description, but the entire system I work within.

As my resume shows, I have worked in customer- and food service, and I have learned numerous things that only experience can teach: how a motivated and well-trained employee is their own best supervisor, how strong leadership is essential to a strong team, and how a willingness to work beyond just my given, is a strength.

The opportunities of a working for a regional cider house appeal to me as well. Smaller brewers face unique challenges in growing their business; without national distribution and multi-million dollar ad budgets, they need to find a way to stand out from their neighbors on the shelf, and good packaging can be its own billboard—if you can use your bottle or label to catch a customer’s eye and show that your cider is the pure product of local apples instead of rehydrated concentrate, you have made yourself distinct.

I look forward to hearing from you regarding an interview for the packaging position. 

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