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Sample cover letter for Internship position at EC Harris


Analyst Intern

Dear Sir/Madam

I am writing to apply for the Summer Placement Management Consultant role at EC Harris. I was first introduced to EC Harris at a University careers fair, having met company representatives who spoke about the service provided and the challenges of working at EC Harris. I was drawn to the broad range of industries that EC Harris works in and the various roles found within the company. I am currently in my second year of study at Warwick University studying a MEng in General Engineering. I enjoy the broad nature of my degree; the technical nature of the engineering modules, group work of design and coding projects and the analytical aspect of laboratory report writing.

My interest specifically in management consulting stems from conversations from my careers mentor who worked as a management consultant. I found the position appealing as she spoke of the dynamic nature of her role; she gained knowledge and expertise in various sectors and travelled the world whilst doing so. Having read up on strategy consulting and EC Harris case the global telecommunications company, I would enjoy learning about the area. The challenge of implementing strategy, methodologies and processes over a large range of independent facilities is one that requires knowledge and skill that I would like to learn about. Whilst interning at Company, I saw first hand the implementation of project leadership structure. The decision making role was outlined and a clear communication structure was set so projects would be completed to a high standard and meet deadlines. It was a very effective measure and I would be interested in learning more about similar practice. I would also enjoy the level of client interaction, a dynamic work environment of meeting new people and learning about new sectors is appealing to me.

I believe I am developing skills and have relevant experience that makes me suitable for the position. As part of an ongoing design project at university, designing a wheelchair attachment, I undertook stakeholder research, contacting and visiting a mobility company and members of a wheelchair user group. I effectively communicated our ideas and summarised their feedback to inform the product feasibility report. Whilst at Company , I worked on delivering finished content for strict deadlines, communicating within the team to ensure all work was completed and checked, whilst effectively communicating progress by producing detailed project updates for a travelling manager. I was able to develop my communications skills by effectively communicating and updating engineers in New York on content issues. I contributed to company meeting, providing input into the UK team update. I responded to product enquiries from teacher tailoring my written communication to provide solutions for their issues. Furthermore, I have been developing research and analysis skills. I worked in a group to design and run laboratory experiment, using Excel and Matlab for data handling and statistical analysis and then written an extensive structured report outlining the findings of the experiment. 

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