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Sample cover letter for Internship position at EPA


Project Worker



Why do you want to volunteer with EPAfrica? (300 words max)

The means for education are very unequally distributed in this world and I consider this as an immensely unfair disadvantage for all the students in handicapped countries like Uganda and Kenya. I believe that however small, any attempt to help rural schools in Kenya or Uganda has an immense effect on the quality of education that attending students are able to enjoy.

Our modern world depends on interdependence and caring for each other and I feel that while this has been embraced within our western countries, developing countries are often left out.

I want to change this and be part of a world where every person is equal, which requires that everyone has the same opportunities.

Of course there is always the possibility to just donate money but I feel that EPAfrica gives me the opportunity to do something myself and independently. This gives me the feeling that I can myself change something, make a difference, and improve peoples lives.

Please provide details of any previous employment or volunteering experience.

I have been mentoring a primary student for half a year in (as a volunteer).

Right know, I am volunteering in London as a TeamUp tutor, to help students who come from less privileged backgrounds.

Please reflect on a time you have held responsibility for a project or group task. Please include details of the context, your actions, and the outcome, especially your key achievements and skills developed. (300 words max) *

Though I have never done anything similar to the EPAfrica project, I initiated and led various other projects.

As the vice-president of the debating society and part of the politics in my school, I, together with another person, organised a workshop and debate with our school and representatives of the major political

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