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Sample cover letter for Full Time position at ESADE MSc


MSc Student


I can affirm without any trace of doubt that my biggest asset is pragmatism. This peculiar aspect of my personality can take different forms, regarding my approach to studying in the first place, working either alone or in team with other colleagues, socialising, dealing with challenging difficulties I encounter in my path and, ultimately, in living in general. 

In particular, for what concerns approaching management studies, I find that a pragmatical approach, obviously without neglecting a preliminary theoretical approach (which I had the luck to master during my studies), is fundamental in order to achieve great results both in studies and later in work. Being capable to dynamically adjust my approach in order to maintain the synergy among my team mates it’s an example of how pragmatism defines itself in a typical aspect of a student’s everyday life; this actually happened to me, during my studies at Bocconi University, to get to successfully deal with fellow students with a strong disposition during some team coursework. Another aspect could be dealing with the subjects I find myself studying trying to truly understand what I am looking at, focusing on a critic analysis rather than mnemonically approaching it, in order to acknowledge all the tools the subject itself would be capable of giving me; in this way I can actually make mine all the topics I get to deal with, developing the capability to exploit them in what will be my future working activities.

In light of this, in a nutshell, i think that pragmatism will be the most important asset to successfully take on ESADE’s MSc in International Management; actually other than a point of strength, it represents in my humble opinion the most versatile of qualities, constituting in a lifestyle which flows into an endless source of energy through which I deal with problems, no matter how overwhelming they seem to be.


In my opinion, choosing the right University in which to attend a Master of Science is an extremely rational activity.

A good ranking positioning is mandatory, as it is related firstly to international reputation and to the great deal of job opportunities related to it and, secondly, to the facilities the athenaeum is well-known to offer on any other ground. Furthermore, i take into account the city in which the campus is located, speaking in terms of appeal and atmosphere. This is a crucial point, as I consider learning as an holistically-based iter: on the belief of an existence between academic achievements and the overall dynamism of the environment I live in, a city like Barcelona seems to exploit all its possibilities in pushing its students towards excellence.

In the end I cannot ignore the importance held by a university’s study program, which I expect to be balanced for which concerns the equilibrium between a solid theoretical basis and a practical approach.

ESADE and its Master in International Management, which I am applying to, totally seems to both satisfy my needs and meet personality in every aspect of it. It is clear now how much I would be glad to manage to get an offer from your University.

Matteo Corbellino

My plans for the future are actually quite clear. My goal is to work in the consulting world and, in the end, get a partnership at one of the so called “Big Three of Consulting”, i.e., either The Boston Consulting Group, McKinsey, Bain and Co.

This interest towards consulting was born this year, when I realised that it could be actually my cup of tea for many reasons (I am talking especially of Strategic Consulting rather than Financial Consulting). One of these involves the typical challenging and stimulating environment consulting firms are offering, a context which positively spurs you on doing your best in every situation, having to constantly deal with different cases both at the office but mostly directly at the client’s seat. These firms hold as their final goal the transformation of their clients into flexible corporations that adapt to an always-renewing environment. Consulting firms are ideal for a well-rounded career, favouring both a vertical and a horizontal growth. Environments that provide the opportunity to experience business on a global scale enable a personal growth, exposing to different values and ideas, whilst creating a professional background applicable throughout your life.

Without properly understanding its complexity, I used to oversimplify the economical landscape but lately, thanks to my personal cursus honorum, which gives an in-depth assessment of the economic and financial system, I was provided with the necessary tools to understand the dynamics of the world we live in, analysing its components both as single and as part of a system.

Focusing my attention on ESADE’s MIM, I think it will provide me with an all-round education that will help me achieve further knowledge of the business world, pursue my professional aspirations and guarantee me the personal growth I look for.


I think that thanks to everything I said in the above paragraphs you can actually draw a rather precise idea of who I am and who I would like to be in the future. In all of this my personal interest play an important role in the path I am pursuing.

Photography and music are my two ways of both abstracting myself from reality and, through this abstraction, get back to it with a greater consciousness of what surrounds me in everyday life. I think that these two activities, that by now represent a lot more than a mere hobby, allow me to fully experience every moment I live on this planet, syncing myself with every person I meet, with every detail I see, in a virtuous synergy I find myself establishing on a daily basis.

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