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Sample cover letter for Full Time position at ESADE


Master in International Management

Dear Sir or Madam,

Currently Assistant Manager at the Delirium Café in Brussels and holder of a Bachelor degree in International hospitality management from Vatel Brussels Business School it is with great pleasure that I submit my application for a Master’s Degree in International Management at the ESADE of Barcelona.

Since I started my studies, I’ve always been seeking versatility. Therefore I followed a University curriculum that was balanced between a solid theoretical basis and a strong practical approach, providing me with a deep understanding of the complex organization of luxury Hotels and a wide range of competencies, from operational tasks to general management.

This wide range of skills was effectively put into practice during my six month internship at Starwood Brussels as a procurement analyst and project manager. My job was to negotiate tender (with one of the Starwood’s main supplier “Deli XL”) on the ground of my cost analysis and the quality requirements of the company. My social skills combine with anability to quickly grasp the facts were key assets to perform good negotiations while ensuring sustainable relationships with both suppliers and co-workers.

My aims for the future are actually quite clear. My goal is to work in the consulting world. This interest for consulting (Strategic Consulting rather than financial consulting) was develop during all my curriculum when I steadily realize that it could be my cup of tea for several reasons. First, consulting involves a challenging and stimulating environment that is always inducing you to be creative, constantly dealing with different cases most of the time directly at the client’s seat. Also, consulting is a people-oriented job aiming at helping clients rather than simply turning them into efficient and flexible companies.

I am particularly interesting in joining the ESADE management program because of its excellence and the fame and renown of its professorship. Furthermore, I cannot hide my admiration for certain of your alumni as Juan Antonio Gomez that co-created the well-known ONG Adama, which for me testify of the great ethical values that your school provides. In my humble opinion, excellence lies in professional that take the bigger picture upon themselves, decide in agreement with what is truly needed for the future and aim at making a true difference with their actions.

Although far from being that kind of individual, I can ensure you without any doubts that my choices are leading me toward this picture and that following an International management curriculum in your university would be undoubtedly a great attribute for my future career and personal growth.

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