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Sample cover letter for Full Time position at EY



Dear EY Graduate Recruiting Team,

I am excited to submit my application for the Graduate Analyst position I saw listed in EY website. Based on a careful review of your website and my conversations with Thomas Zhu about my educational training, work experience, professional interests and the type of work he tends to do on a daily basis, I believe I would fit right in at EY. I am highly motivated to build a successful career in consulting and hope to contribute to the team at EY as a Graduate Consultant.

My fascination and strong career motivation with consulting have grown steadily during my university study and previous work experiences, driven mostly by my desire to understand how business decisions are made and how external consultants can improve on a company’s performance. During my summer internship with KPMG, I have produced professional proposal for Water Analytics Business Intelligence Project; researched, compared and analysed different usages of Master Data Management with a particular focus in the Telecommunication sector. These projects required significant attention to detail and analytical work and I was able to delivery high quality results under strict deadlines. Through this experience of performing quantitative analysis, I have also gained analytical, financial and accounting skills and honed my teamwork and leadership skills.

As you consider my application for this role, it seems pertinent for your team to know about my ability to engage with people and make an impact effectively. These skills came about when I was a student at the University of Cambridge. There, I led the Cambridge University Student’s Union dedicated to solve problems that students have and communicate between the University and students. I transferred these skills to business situations while running a startup company with my colleagues.

EY is one of the largest and most successful professional services providers full of potential and opportunities. The level of continuous professional training that EY can offer throughout the year as well as the level of exposure that your company can offer will benefit me for my future career. Most people would characterise me as someone who is a quick learner, and I am especially interested in joining and organisation where I can quickly onboard and make a positive impact with the team around me. As I was preparing my application, I noticed that EY has recently announced its acquisition of the UK based digital design consultancy Seren, adding tremendous value to your strategy consulting services. This is an area that is of particular interest to me and I really wish to make my own contribution to this growing practice at your firm. The graduate program is a fantastic opportunity for me to further explore the culture of your firm and I am eager to contribute my knowledge and problem solving skills to EY and your clients.

Given my background in both consulting and finance and my strong analytical and quantitative skills, I am confident of excelling in the graduate position at EY. I hope that you have found this letter useful as you consider your pool of applicants and also sincerely hope that we will be afforded an opportunity to communicate further. I can be reached at +447784357243 or via email at torreychen@163.com. Thank you very much for your time and consideration. 

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