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Sample cover letter for Internship position at EY


FS Assurance


Dear Sir or Madam,

Twelve-Month Work Placement in the Financial Services Audit Dept., 2014

I am a second year student studying Economics and International Development, and would like to be considered for the above vacancy in your company.

The opportunity to work at Ernst and Young immediately appealed to me due the company’s exceptional reputation as a global organisation and its dominant position in the accounting industry. After researching Ernst and Young, I have been especially impressed with the firm’s emphasis on diversity and values. Strong commitment to inclusiveness is a value I am passionate to advocate, and an invaluable trait when progressing with my studies of international development. Undertaking a placement here would therefore enable me to work in teams of people with different backgrounds, developing my understanding of other cultures and providing a greater range of ideas and knowledge for the completion of any given task. Working within financial audit in particular, appeals to my interests in microeconomics and the functioning of large businesses. For these reasons along with my enthusiasm to challenge myself in new and exciting areas, the prospect of an audit placement within Ernst and Young, a multinational accountancy firm, would be invaluable to me.

I am a young, motivated individual who is keen to bring fresh ideas to the firm and add value to a new generation of Ernst and Young employees. Not only have shown consistently high performance academically, you will see from my CV I have also displayed high levels of communication, interpersonal, and leadership skills in a variety of vocational roles. I regularly receive positive feedback and comments from both managers and customers, evidence that a positive experience would be gained through my employment. Furthermore, the potential for graduate employment would motivate me to work to my greatest ability, as I am highly keen to explore job opportunities within Ernst and Young once I have received my degree.

Throughout my time at school and university I have supplemented my studies with extra-curricular activities and responsibilities. My role in the leadership team of CCF enabled me to develop my teamwork, leadership and organisational skills. These useful and highly transferable skills I will further develop commencing my role as social secretary within the university women’s football club. Consequently I am confident that I possess the ability, passion and ambition necessary to become a valuable investment for Ernst and Young throughout the duration of my industrial placement.

Thank you for your consideration, I look forward to hearing from you and will be available for interview at any time. 

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