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Sample cover letter for Full Time position at Eastman Chemical


Supply planner

Dear Recruitment Manager,

I am a recent graduate from [name of school] in [Localisation of the school]. While I was searching for career opportunities in the [field], I came across the advertisement, looking for the Supply Chain Planner. As a logistics engineering graduate, I am convinced that I am a competent candidate for this position.

Through studying the Supply Chain Management (SCM) for the past five years, I have acquired the wide range of SCM-related knowledge. I learned different types of inventory management and how to maintain optimal levels of inventory across the supply chain. Moreover, I am also familiar with ERP systems, since I already had the opportunity to work with SAP and ERP Prelude. Thank to the forecasting methods I learned, I also acquired the knowledge in improving the information visibility, which is an important factor that facilitates the prompt and quality decision-making and planning in SCM.

My knowledge in SCM was enriched through my field experiences at [company name] internship. At [company name], I worked on various projects that dealt with production planning and quality management. I evaluated the company’s current operations scheduling and suggested a new schedule for molding the products to improve the production efficiency. [company name] has accepted the suggestion and is looking into implementing it at the moment.

I value punctuality and reliability. In SCM, time is of the essence as fast-changing demand requires responsive solutions. I enjoy solving problems that require analytical thinking and challenging myself to approach innovatively to make solutions. I am highly fluent in English and French, with a high motivation to start learning [another language].

I look forward to meeting you to discuss further on this career opportunity. Thank you for your consideration.

Should you have any questions, please contact me anytime.

Best regards,

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