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Sample cover letter for Full Time position at Economist Intelligence Unit



Dear Madam/Sir,

With a Master degree in Public Policy, relevant working experience in the field of social security and international development cooperation, and strong analytical skills, I would like to present myself as a potential candidate for the Analyst position at the Economist Intelligence Unit.

I am currently finalizing my Master’s dissertation, while working at the International Labour Organization’s (ILO), where I demonstrate the desired accountabilities indicated in your job description:

In my thesis project, I analyzed the Colombian social protection system, under the research question of whether the Social Protection Floor presents an effective and affordable way for a middle-income country to eradicate severe poverty. Using the assessment-based national dialogue (ABND) method developed by the ILO, I independently engaged in a process that usually counts on the collaboration of actuarial, economic, legal and policy experts. Following the data collection in Colombia, I analyzed the existing horizontal and vertical coverage gaps. Using the Excel-based tool Rapid Assessment Protocol, I projected the financial efforts necessary to fill the gaps over the next five years. With the statistical software STATA, I simulated the effects of the proposed schemes on poverty incidence. The conclusion is that, with an investment of less than 1 per cent of GDP, Colombia could achieve significant gains in poverty reduction. My dissertation has enhanced my quantitative analysis skills and demonstrated my ability in translating complex results into sound policy recommendations.

At the ILO, my work focuses on the collection, vetting and analysis of data relevant for the costing of social protection benefits on a global scale. Under the direct supervision from the chief of the actuarial branch of the Social Protection Department, I have developed a VBA-based costing tool, allowing users to estimate the cost of universal or targeted social protection benefits for any set of countries, continents or income groups within seconds. I have identified key trends for countries of similar income levels, and how different variables affect the outcome of the costing. The work on this project has not only taught me how to program advanced processes under time constraint, but also helped me to hone my drafting skills and to present data for a particular audience/client.

In addition to my current activities, my academic background has helped me to develop qualifications central to the work of an analyst. During my Master’s at UNU Merit, I acquired knowledge in Public Economics, Policy Analysis and Econometrics, the use of STATA for micro and macro data analysis, as well as practice in delivering individual/group assignments and presentations on a daily basis. My Bachelor studies taught me extensive interdisciplinary knowledge, among other things in the fields of International Relations and Economics, and helped me to develop important qualitative analytical skills and proficiency in academic writing. My participation in a number of extracurricular activities, such as the student parliament and my faculty’s council, enabled me to develop leadership skills at an early age. Furthermore, my internships provided important insights to the work of different institutions in the field of development cooperation, experiences in working in an international team and the chance to improve my language skills.

As a next step, I would like to further advance my qualifications by working with the Economist Intelligence Unit. I am familiar with the excellent work of the EIU and have made great use of its country-specific analysis. As a passionate reader of the Economist, it would be my honor to add to and to benefit from the expertise the Economist Group represents.

I am looking forward to hearing from you soon.

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