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Sample cover letter for Internship position at Ericsson


Master Thesis

I am writing this application in order to pursue Master’s Thesis, Improving OpenStack Scalability (100985) published in Ericsson career. Afterreadingthedescriptionofyourinternationalmaster thesisprogram,Ihaverealizedthatmycareerinterestsmatchyourcompanyobjectives,andIamexcitedbyyourcommitmentfordevelopingfutureleaders.

Presently, I am studying a ‘Master’s Degree Program in Telecommunication Systems’ at Blekinge Institute of Technology (BTH), Sweden. Recently, I had done my research methodology project ‘Performance Analysis of Software Defined Networking Topologies’ using Mininet network emulator connected to POX SDN controller and I have mostly worked with Python Scripting for this project. Withmypreviousworkexperienceandmyexemplaryacademicperformanceasaninternationalmajor,Iwas also shortlisted to work for the European’s future internet XIFI project at BTH. Moreover, I studied programming languages like Perl and PHP. I am a creative, yet result oriented, professional with strong communication skills. During my study course Applied Network Management at BTH, I am well acquainted with Linux OS and have a great passion to work on Shell scripting.

My research interests include in the field of computer networks like SDN, Cloud Computing, IP networks, NFV, and Optical Transport Networks. This made me select Telecommunication Systems as my specialization. I look forward to work in these areas where I can use my strong networking and scripting skills. Furthermore I have also completed CISCO’s CCNA course and won in the zonal round of IBNC, India.

Ericssonappealstomebecauseofitsimpressiveglobalreachandexpertiseinmanyareas.Iamparticularlyinterestedinthis positionbecauseofyourmultinationalreputationforhavingahighlysupportiveandteam-orientedculture Icanofferyouas a studentwiththeabilitytothinkoutsidetheboxandakeendesiretolearn new things, serveyourcompanyandcontributetoyourteam. As the job position is in Stockholm, I will be happy to move there, if thesis requires my full presence.

Ihave attached my resume and transcripts with this application. To process my application, ifyouneed any additionalinformation,pleaselet me know. I appreciate your time and effort for reviewing this application and look forward to meet you soon.


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