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Sample cover letter for Internship position at Ericsson


Summer Internship, not specified deparatment

Dear Madam or Sir……………

Seeing that I am enrolled in an XXXXX education does not make me less interested in ICT, actually even more so. When analyzing the future it is clear that companies like Ericsson will have the largest role and in my believe it is not only the programmers and technicians that are to create this new future. The innovators and communicators also have a responsibility for this to happen. However, now with a larger digitalized platform to improve ideas and social interactions.

My previous work experiences have mostly consisted of sales and finance at XXXX, but I have also had the opportunity to experience being a business-owner. These experiences have taught me that I want to be engaged in a business where there is a constant focus on efficiency and innovation. The importance of efficiency has had an especially large role within my entrepreneurship. Here we started with a packaging process that took 1 min/unit and managed to get it down to 10 seconds with a negligible budget.

“Passion” is a word that is frequently overused. But if I would say that I am passionate about something it is finding solutions to new problems. I want to be a part of a dynamic culture where I as an individual and an employee can grow. In a company such as Ericsson, with over 100,000 employees worldwide it is hard to specify exactly where I would want to work, but I am convinced that there is more than one role that I would be suited for in a (local word)like Ericsson. 


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