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Sample cover letter for Full Time position at Ernest & Young


Business Analyst

I am a Mumbai University graduate interested in interviewing for a full-time Business Analyst/Consultant position with Ernst & Young. I believe that EYhas the ideal culture inwhich I can pursue my goal of becoming a strategic business leader and thinker.My professional experience as an Analyst andBusiness Management Studies Course(BMS) at H.R College prepare me to be successful at the company. Leading a high-levelproject to develop solar electricity in rural areas, creating business models for farmers ofWada and Vikramgadh taluka in Maharashtrawhile simultaneously representing mycollege at NYU Stern School of Business and the SIFE World Cup, gave me invaluable globalstrategy experience. Furthermore, being the head of the Placement Cell of my college,arranging campus visits, convincing companies for recruitment and coming in directcontact with HR executives of over 25 companies gave me the unique opportunity toengage in high level business discussions with leaders of industry. While at First RandBank India and IIM Ahmedabad as an intern, developing core banking products for theyouth, urban unbanked and rural unbanked sector, gave me experience in the consultativeand banking service approach. As a Management student, I have the flexibility in bothlanguage and culture to operate successfully in many different contexts. Finally, as aresearcher, I have developed the capacity to think creatively and entrepreneurially.I firmly believe that I will be a good fit in Ernst & Young’scollaborative, entrepreneurial,and intellectual culture. I am excited at the prospect of working for the company upongraduation and have enclosed my resume for your review. Thank you for your time andconsideration.

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