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Sample cover letter for Internship position at European Young Innovators Forum


Operations assistant

Dear Human Resources team,

I got to know about the open position of operations assistant through the European Young Innovators Forum website. In the following few points, I want to explain to you why I consider myself a strong candidate for this position.

▪ As a recent graduate in European Economics, I find the values and objectives of EYIF highly inspirational and I would like to have a positive impact on the society through the work at EYIF.

▪ I have an excellent command of spoken and written English and good communication skills in English. In fact, my last year of master's studies in Germany—including the writing of the master thesis—was entirely in English.

▪ In addition to English, I speak French fluently since I studied it in school for eight years and I spent one year in Paris for the Erasmus programme—as part of my bachelor's studies.

▪ My studying experiences, especially abroad, have been a good training to deal with deadlines, manage stress and prioritize work. Furthermore, during my studies I have developed good communication skills thanks to the writing of essays and the presentation of assignments and team works.

▪ I am naturally very organised and detail-oriented, but I also had the opportunity to improve my organisation skills and accomplish administrative tasks as a member of the student association AIESEC. During my membership, I supported the local committee with the logistical organisation of a few events. I prepared invitations, planned the outline and recruited people to help us during the event, for instance.

▪ Concerning computer skills, I have good command of MS Office applications and I frequently used Excel to create databases in order to analyse economic data, as well as PowerPoint to prepare presentations. I am also a capable user of Internet and social media.

▪ Last but not least, I believe in the importance of the EU and I have good knowledge of its institutions and policies. Therefore, I would be enthusiastic to contribute to the implementation of EU projects.

My CV, which is below, provides additional information on my background and qualifications.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

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