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Sample cover letter for Internship position at Eversource


Energy Engineer

I am writing to express my avid interest in the Energy Efficiency Internship position at Eversource Energy after delving into the company’s website and contacting you and Mr. Matt Gibbs, an energy efficiency director in Berlin office. During the conversation, both of you shared your experience at Eversource and told me that Eversource not only looks for super-achieving candidate with strong background in the energy efficiency field, but also willing support team on energy research, energy analysis, and MassSave Program. As a LEED and EMIT certificated candidate, my studies and experience is really focused on energy market analysis and energy efficiency. I believe my education background and analytical experiences will determine me as an ideal candidate and can immediately contribute to the work environment at Eversource.

My summer internship at ICF International has allowed me to develop energy efficiency background, analytical database strengths, and effective teamwork. In energy assessment project, my overall responsibility was to do a lot of energy best practice research as well as to create customer engagement materials aimed at shifting highly energy-consuming resources to industry best practice. In the process, I faced 40+ clients from 8 companies' 19 plants to tease out useful information and import into ICF database, which I assisted in developing by SQL and Macro in Excel, to estimate greenhouse gas emission, energy flow, and energy saving potential for each client. Besides, I also worked in the aviation group. I was responsible for designing a $3 billion international airport in China and projecting its annual revenue stream over $18 million by developing statistical algorithms with Python and SQL as well as cash flow model in Excel. Through this process, I have learnt how to evaluate correlations among our database, identify trends, and summarize finding across clients and managers.

Apart from internship experience, my academic achievements also demonstrate my competence and interest in energy industry and corresponding analytical skills. I have completed building energy predictive project by not only coding four different machine learning algorithm in MATLAB analyzing energy consumption, but also developing an automatic user interface to predict the energy performance in different scenarios. I have also conducted several energy relevant reports that strengthened my data analytical skills and business acumen. The details of which can be seen in the enclosed resume. These projects not only gave me a great opportunity to improve my analytical skills including machine learning prediction, regression analysis, and statistical optimization, but also let me adept at using Excel and other computer software including MATLAB, Python, SQL, ACCESS, and SPSS.

I believe those skills and experiences are transferable and will contribute to energy team at Eversource and I look forward to talking more about my experiences and skills that I could bring to Eversource. Thank you very much for your time and consideration. 

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