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Sample cover letter for Internship position at FB



During the career event hosted, I was intrigued by the presentation by the executives on how Nissan has grown into one of the largest global car manufacturers and is constantly adapting to the changing needs of the consumers by focusing on quality, innovation and design.My goal is to further develop leadership, analytical, and communication skills by working across diverse geographies, and job-functions.

I was majorly involved in building client relationships and developing content through collecting and analyzing data, conceptualizing and researching creative solutions and proposing recommendations. I worked collaboratively across diverse teams and was simultaneously managing multiple tasks of handling clients, building internal relationships and mentoring colleagues. These experiences have made me a strong team player, taught me to be confident and flexible in the face of high-pressure situations and also cultivated my problem solving, communication and inter-personal skills.

I am cognizant of the fact that working as part of the program requires professionals to be highly adaptive and flexible to move around different locations and work across different functions. I have developed a cross-cultural and a global mindset. Moreover, my confidence and flexibility in the face of high-pressure situations are traits that make me a reliable team player. I am keen to further demonstrate my tenacity as a leader as part of the program.

Finally, I have extended my interest beyond classroom teaching to focus on developing my leadership, and inter-personal skills such as by taking on a leadership role 

I believe that my experience, skills and ability to work in diverse teams makes me a good fit for the program and I would be grateful for your consideration.

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