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Sample cover letter for Internship position at FSSC



My name is XYZand I am agraduate student of Accounting and Finance at the London School of Economics. Ihave come across a Research Officer vacancy with the FSSC through the School’sCareer Service and would be much obliged if you were to consider the attachedCV in response.

Through my graduate studies in Accounting andFinance at the LSE, I have become familiar with the financial services sector,its crucial significance to the UK economy and the regulatory framework it mustconform to. I can blend these insights with a profound understanding of thestrategic planning, acquisition and development of skills by organisations, aswell as the economic and regulatory aspects of labour markets, obtained duringmy graduate studies in Human Resource Management in Athens. All of this is heldtogether by an economist’s analytical rigour, and supported by strong researchskills practiced throughout my academic education. Finally, I hope to bringinto the role of Research Officer what I have gained in my five years ofserving the Greek debating community as one of its most active debating coachesand tournament organisers: expert communication skills; the ability toestablish and develop relationships; to recognise the information needs ofmultiple stakeholders and serve them uncompromisingly to the highest standard;finally, the ability to stay on top of issues through structured, dailyresearch.

I am enthusiastic about working for the FSSCbecause I see this opportunity as a crucial step in my development as aprofessional, a deeply challenging appointment and one which will enable me tomake a positive impact with my work. As a professional, I expect to profit fromintegrating my knowledge of HR and Accounting and Finance: I believe importantinsights lie at the interface of these two disciplines that can only be broughtout by involving oneself with strategic skills planning on a macro scale. I amgrateful for my wide and thorough education, but it can only take me so far.With regard to the challenge involved, I expect that the high expectations ofthe FSSC’s stakeholders will energise me and the people I will be working withto realise our potential. Finally, I find that to contribute to the efficiency,good governance, quality of service and growth of the financial sector, as theFSSC ultimately aspires to do, will be to render a service to society that Ican be proud of.

It is my hope that the information I haveprovided will convince you to consider my application. I will be in touch withyou soon to further discuss my prospects with the FSSC.

Yours Sincerely,

James Robertson.

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