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Sample cover letter for Full Time position at Facebook


Software Developer

I am keenly interested in working at Facebook as a software developer and with regards to this I have written the cover letter. Having seen 'The Social Network', I do realise the amount of breakthrough technology that facebook has been working on and I personally feel that my thought process aligns with the same. I have had experience as a software developer through three different interns at reputable companies. 

My second-year intern was at Apple, where I was part of the team that worked on bug improvements in the iOS7. It helped me gain in-depth knowledge about operating systems and how they could be optimised to provide for lesser RAM. My third-year intern was at Microsoft, Redmond where I was involved with the back end team working on upgrades of Cortana. I got to work with the artificial intelligence team at Microsoft and I must say that I got to learn more about the underlying principals of artificial intelligence. My fourth-year intern was at Tesla where I was involved in software development for the Tesla-X. Here again, my work was involved with a combination of software development and artificial intelligence. My role here was much more advanced in comparison to my other two internships as I was given more responsibility in terms of software design and development. 

I believe that through these internships I have gained in-depth knowledge about software development and would be an asset to the firm. I look forward to meeting you in person or over the phone. I hope you will consider my application.

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