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Sample cover letter for Internship position at Facebook



Ambitious & internationally oriented student pursuing an international career in finance/consulting. Out of many students I have been selected to participate in the honors program, with extra courses, internships and assignments. I am planning to start my MsC finance or accounting when I finish my bachelor program. My goal is to pursuit two master degrees, where one off them is at least abroad.

I think I can contribute to the group with my entrepreneurial spirit and that I can add value with my previous extra curricular experiences. I am a co-owner of platform for sustainable entrepreneurs in Amsterdam did a program in which I did an internship in Shanghai.

This program will help me in my future academic career because I wish to do at least one of the master degrees abroad, so this will help me orientate if the United States is a suitable option. Since the start of my current degree program I wished to do an exchange in the United States, but unfortunately this was not possible due to financial reasons.

In the future I can see myself working abroad for a multinational company or own my own company. This program can help me because it contains interesting subjects that are useful for my career path, such as corporate social responsibility or upcoming markets and risk analysis. This program would be a great personal experience to get out of my comfort zone and experience studying in the United States!

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