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summer intern

Internal Auditing Internship

August 20, 2015,

Human Resource Associate

Hershey’s is an energetic corporation. The atmosphere there is warm and friendly. Also, the employees are able to gain international business experiences via hard work and interactions with colleagues. What’s more, Internal Auditing Internship is a fantastic program. Because students don’t need to sit in the back, but can get invaluable hand-on industry experience. And I am eager to join Hershey’s and become part of the program.

I am a newly admitted graduate student in Fordham University, Master of Accounting Program. At my undergraduate years, I have taken part in several accounting club and learn some useful knowledge about the accounting internship and full time work. In addition, I interned in several Certified Public Accountants Companies, gained practical industry experience. In the process of internship, I totally felt that internship can make me learn more than in classroom. I am familiar with the annual taxation and auditing process of a big client in only several months of work. And I practiced interpersonal skills, learned a warm atmosphere’s vital role to work efficiency. So Hershey’s is a perfect company for me.

If I can have the opportunity to be part of Hershey’s, after months of work and study at the same time, I am supposed to be a more professional and experienced person. Finally, I am sure I will be one of the most industrious intern of Hershey’s!

I look forward to a conversation with you to follow up for my application. Have a nice day.

Best Regards,

Qinghua Liu

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