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Sample cover letter for Internship position at Facebook


Business Analyst

I am writing to express my strong interest in obtaining an associate consultant position with your company. I find your job posting very attractive for not only the rigor it offers but also because of my interest for a career as a financial analyst. I believe that my ongoing research assistant position coupled with previous summer internships as well as my personality have equipped me with strong leadership skills, solid analytical skills and creative approach to problem-solving all of which positions me to excel in this position.

My research assistant position in Colorado College’s economics and business department gave me an opportunity to not only nurture my leadership abilities but also to acquire empirical research and data analysis skills. The position involves working with a research professor and other research assistants through research design, data coding, data entry and data analysis, as well as drafting research papers for publication based on experimental results and analysis. This work has given me the ability to make sense of complex disorganized information, break it down into identifiable patterns and present it in easy to understand ways. Quite often, I serve as a self-appointed group leader. In this position, I help the group form goals, devise research strategies and ensure that we do whatever it takes ‘to get it right’. Sometimes, after data analysis and literature reviews, we determine that there is nothing to report and close the research project with no paper to publish! Additionally, as a student juggling multiple projects, I have developed excellent time-management skills and the ability to thrive under pressure.

Last summer, I interned with General Electric Africa where I was tasked to put together a team that lead the implementation of the company’s $1B Distributed Power project initiative that aims to create reference sites to show case the company’s gas and electricity engines in the region. Through providing market intelligence, establishing a work rhythm and putting together project business case for funding, I led the team in identifying five key sites in Kenya, Botswana and Tanzania that would not only create a reference site but also have the potential of unlocking a 1000MW pipeline in the next 5 years. In addition, on a biweekly basis, I provided performance analysis to the management on all the company’s 6 businesses in the region through variance and competitor analysis as well as future outlook projections that helped better monitor progress towards set goals. These tasks demanded a high degree of analysis, planning, close attention to details and close coordination with the management, sales and project teams to ensure that the outcome not only met the organization’s goals and objectives but also garnered the baking of all stakeholders.

My other summer internship experience with BioTherm Energy(BTE), a renewable energy development company based in Johannesburg, South Africa equipped me with people-mobilizing skills as well as interpersonal skills and involved a great deal of responsibility. With BTE finalizing many of their South African projects, the company is keen to identify and expand to other market opportunities all across Sub-Saharan Africa. My two-month desktop study helped establish five most attractive wind and solar energy regions in selected countries in Africa, provide site-specific analysis and offer an opportunities, threats, barriers and logistics analysis of the available prospects. By analyzing the available data and evaluating renewable energy readiness in these selected African countries, the 38-page report that I presented to the company established the technical and financial viability of exploiting these resources. On top of having ascended a steep learning curve, I also adapted quickly to the environment, working closely with the company’s top management to ensure my research findings were well aligned with the firm’s expansion plan and investment policy.

My strong self-drive, organizational ability, analytical skills and creativity in tackling problems are an excellent fit for the opportunities as well as the threats your company faces. In addition, my fascination with solution based technologies, my strong dedication to achieving excellence and my commitment to continually increasing my knowledge and education cannot but contribute to your company’s continued prosperity.

Your time and consideration is greatly appreciated. Please let me know if there is any additional information that would be helpful in your consideration of my candidacy and, of course, I would gladly make myself available for a phone or Skype conversation with a member of your team.


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