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Sample cover letter for Internship position at Facebook


Business Analyist

The cover letter, in my opinion, is as important as your resume, if not more. Students tend to downplay the cover letter, but believe me, a powerful cover letter can propel you to land numerous interviews. What make a powerful cover letter? I am glad you asked!

Make your prospective workplace want you by talking like “one of them”

Simply put, you want your cover letter to make the company you are applying to want you. The easiest way to do this is by using words that makes it seem like you already work there. What I used to do when applying to firms was that I used key words and phrases to make it seem like I did more than just online research about the organization I was applying to. I strongly recommend that you speak to any contacts you have within the firms you are applying to get an inside scoop of what the firm is all about and any keywords that employees use at the firm to help make you stand out! With their permission, it is also a smart idea to mention their names in your cover letter as this shows that you already have a personal network within the firm!

What are some keywords and phrases that you can potentially include in your cover letter when applying to PwC? Flexbility, work-life balance, non-specialization, PricewaterhouseCoopers Canada Foundation, “teach don’t tell,etc. These are just a few. There is no point just listing these down in your cover letter unless you understand the true meaning behind them and how it ties in with you so that you can exercise the words/phrases on your cover letter!

Address the organization’s needs, wants and desires

An elaborate and illustrative job description is going to be your best friend in any job application. If you have checked out any of PwC’s latest postings on the Brilliant Futures website for positions in Audit, Tax and/or Consulting, you may have noticed that the words used are unique and inviting. Not only does it mention what you may be doing at the firm, but it also goes over on a very high-level as to what the firm values. Use this information in your cover letter by tying it back to your personal experiences and how your values and the firm’s values align.

Every great novel has an impeccable theme

If you want your cover letter to be an interesting read, make sure it has a unique theme. I usually like to tie the theme of my cover letter to an organization’s core values. For example, PwC’s core values are teamwork, leadership and excellence. Why not discuss these three topics in your cover letter to further demonstrate why PwC is the right fit for you?

Writing a strong cover letter is like playing a tricky game

A common mistake students make in their cover letters is making it sound like a wordier version of their resumes. Your cover letter is not your resume. Think of it like a table of contents. You want to captivate the reader’s attention by highlighting key areas of interest in your resume that is unique to you and the firm.

If you are absolutely confused as to how to start writing a cover letter, use the following approach. Think of writing the cover letter as a game. There are two main players: you and the recruiter reading your application. The aim of this game is that you have to try to answer the million dollar question that the recruiter has in his/her mind: “What is in it for me/the firm?” If you can demonstrate, via your cover letter, how the firm will benefit from hiring you in the long-run, you are well on your way to winning the game!

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