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Business anayst

Having attended an event at your London offices, I witnessed an inspiring talk delivered by Kunal Shah, Managing Director. I was able to see, first hand, the huge number of the opportunities Goldman Sachs had to offer. His insight into his career progression, through personal determination alongside the guidance of the organisation, was particularly inspiring. I realised that with the right skill sets, a driven attitude and the willingness to work hard, anything is possible. I am a highly motivated, disciplined and enterprising individual who is driven to achieve success. This, coupled with an array of other qualities, is the reason as to why I am confident I would be an asset to Goldman Sachs.

My main reason for applying for a financial orientated programme is because of my experience at an insight program over the summer at a leading investment bank. Here, I had opportunity to talk to, work alongside and learn from Vice Presidents and Managers. My initial curiosity and fascination have been met to an extent, but my eagerness to constantly learn and improve has drawn me into applying to the summer internship programme.

My motivations for applying to Goldman Sachs specifically, originate from their globally sophisticated reputation as a leading investment bank. The basis of everyday work, around its 14 business principles, makes it not only unique, but also allows it to deliver world-class customer service and care. Last year, I delivered a presentation about Goldman Sachs’ Corporate Social Responsibility program. This further confirmed that Goldman Sachs is a firm that values its corporate awareness, which is a facet that particularly draws my attention. All of these factors combine to establish a high demand for any job title within this firm whether vacant or not, and it is this sort of competition that I embrace.

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