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Please write about a recent news article that has interested you and how you feel that subject would relate to J.P. Morgan (200 words)

Source: The Wall Street Journal, by Nicole Hong

Title : Charges Announced in J.P.Morgan Hacking Case

Date: 10.Nov.2015

In this very recent article, author reported three defendants, who stole data on more than 100 million people from a dozen companies were arrested, meanwhile, hundreds of their accomplices of carrying out last year’s big data breach at J.P.Morgan Chase&Co. were accused. The three defendants and their associates hacked into banks to obtain customers information and later on used the data on a pump-and-dump stock scheme.

It is predictable to say that newly developed approach of online operations & payments by J.P.Morgan would be introduced to customers, and regulators would reform the policies. There is another thought provoking question: while the cybercrimes are still rampant, shouldn’t government and SEC control them with further regulations and laws enforcement? Restraining the possibility of the capital flow is the most efficient way of solving the problem. On the other hand, would it be a wise choice for J.P.Morgan to cooperate with retail banking to promote cybercrimes and their functions to the public?

Simple describition

Obvious change on regulations: 1.rigorous way of online operations based on new technology, Training sessions for IT

2.streghten the regulations (both professionals inside and from the outside) as in new policy would come out

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