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Sample cover letter for Internship position at Facebook



A cover letter should be written with a focus on the employer's interests, NOT yours.

Think about the way you sort through mail at home. It is likely that the first thing you do is separate the priority mail and junk mail. If the envelope is addressed to "Current Resident," it is likely to end up in the trash. This is because you know that the information inside is general sales communication and not specific to you.

On the other hand, if you receive an overnight package from FedEx, you are likely to open it right away. The information is perceived as so important and time sensitive that the sender was willing to rush the delivery. The same holds true if the letter is sent in either a large envelope or in a fine linen envelope and addressed specifically to you.

The key point here is that if you perceive information to be important, you are more likely to pay attention.

Now imagine you receive a high quality linen envelope in the mail and your name and address are correct but there is no return address. You are likely to open it out of curiosity. If the first sentence says, "Our organization wants to sell you our latest product," you would likely throw it away because they are trying to sell you something.

However, if you have an interest in technology and the first sentence says, "Recognizing that you appreciate the latest in technology advancements, we are excited to introduce an innovative new product," your attention will be peaked, and you will read the next sentence.

In both scenarios, the company is trying to sell you something, but in the second approach, it makes the effort to create a compelling reason for you to want to know more about the product by making it more relevant to you.

People prefer to buy, not be sold. In order to buy something, you must need or want it. If no need exists, you are not buying, you are being sold something. When you buy something, you are fulfilling a need or creating a solution. It follows then, that in order for hiring managers to read your cover letter, you must identify their needs and utilize your letter to address the solutions you can offer to the organization.

Poorly written cover letters focus on your agenda. For example, a poorly written cover letter communicates the following information:

  • I am responding to the advertised position.
  • I am interested in this position.
  • I have developed strong skills through my past employment experiences.
  • I want to interview for the job.
  • Please call me.

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