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Poverty and Inequality –

By : Hasan Malik
Registration number : 1117144
Topic: Poverty and Inequality in Zimbabwe

The reason why I’m writing my research paper on Zimbabwe is because it is one of the most poorest countries in the world. Apart from poverty there are other various problems in Zimbabwe as well. Apart from the economic problems the life expectancy of Zimbabwe is the lowest in the world. Female life expectancy is 34 years whereas for males life expectancy stands at 37. These are very terrifying figures that only give us a glimpse of the problems faced by the people of Zimbabwe. This is basically due to the presence of a number of life-threatening diseases which I will tell about later in detail. There are a countless number of issues and problems in Zimbabwe about which the people in today’s world should be aware off.
Zimbabwe is a land-locked country which basically means that it is entirely enclosed by land and is in Southern Africa, basically located between the rivers of Zambezi and Limpopo.
The economy of Zimbabwe experienced massive deterioration after the year of 2000 which resulted in widespread poverty and the unemployment rate rose to around 80%. The participation of Zimbabwe in the war in Congo between the years of 1998-2002 basically set the perfect platform for this downfall by draining the country of hundreds and millions of dollars. Hyper inflation had also been a major problem for Zimbabwe due to which the country suspended its own national currency. After 2000, the government of Zimbabwe reallocated most of the farmland previously used by commercial farmers. Most of this land redistribution happened in a very corrupt way and went to politicians or military leaders. These new farmers were very inexperienced in farming and could not maintain the same level of quality of farming done by the previous owners. These owners preferred to earn short-term gains by selling the farm equipment. The loss of these priceless agriculture equipment led to a significant loss of agricultural financing and market confidence which made market recovery quite impossible. However, a considerable amount of land has gone who use it primarily for typical subsistence farming due to which production of staple food like maize has not suffered as much as several other typical crops such as coffee and tobacco.
However, since 2009 Zimbabwe’s economy has started to experience a major recovery from the earlier crises that saw economic output declining by more than 45%

These statistics clearly show how widespread HIV AIDS is in Zimbabwe, HIV is basically transmitted primarily through heterosexual contact and mother to her child’s transmission. High hazard aggregations, incorporating vagrant workers, individuals in prostitution, young ladies included in cool sexual relationships, harsh couples, and parts of the uniformed administrations warrant uncommon consideration in the battle against HIV/aids. Women and young adults are the ones that are affected most by this phenomenon. In 2005, pretty nearly 930,000 ladies over the age of 14 were evaluated to be existing with HIV/AIDs in Zimbabwe. Zimbabwe presses on to endure an extreme socioeconomic and political emergency, incorporating extraordinary rates of expansion and an intense 'mind empty' of Zimbabwe's human services experts. Components of a long ago overall looked after medicinal services foundation are fragmenting. Zimbabwe's HIV emergency is exacerbated by unending nourishment shakiness. Sub-optimal sustenance expands the defenselessness of people with bargained safe frameworks to life-undermining crafty contaminations, for example tuberculosis. Sex favoritism and across the board practices of various and simultaneous sexual relationships, and cross-generational sex fuel Zimbabwe's scourge, especially around youth. Social standards, incorporating stigma connected with HIV/aids, exorbitant liquor utilization, and a hesitance to discuss Hiv status or sexual relations likewise make boundaries to behavior change.

HIV/AIDS influences budgetary development by decreasing the accessibility of human capital. Without legitimate nourishment, medicinal services and drug that is accessible in improving nations, huge amounts of individuals are succumbing to AIDS or falling victim to this deadly disease. Individuals living with Hiv/aids won't just be unable to work, yet will additionally require critical restorative consideration. The figure is that this will most likely make a breakdown of economies and social orders in nations with a critical Aids populace. In some vigorously spoiled ranges, the plague has deserted numerous vagrants nurtured by elderly grandparents. The expanded mortality in this area will bring about a more diminutive talented populace and working individuals. This more modest work power will be overwhelmingly adolescent individuals, with lessened learning and work experience prompting decreased productivity. An increment in laborers' chance off to take care of broken down relatives or for ailing leave will likewise easier gainfulness. Expanded mortality will additionally debilitate the components that create human capital and venture in individuals, through misfortune of wage and the passing of parents.As the pestilence advances, the age profile of the aforementioned tainted will expand, however the top is relied upon to stay inside the working age populace. Hiv excessively taints and affects on women, so those parts utilizing extensive amounts of ladies e.g. education, may be lopsidedly monetarily affected by HIV/AIDS.
By executing off for the most part junior mature people, Aids genuinely debilitates the assessable populace, lessening the assets accessible for open uses, for example instruction and health administrations not identified with Aids bringing about expanding weight for the state's funds and slower development of the economy. This

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