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Sample cover letter for Internship position at Facebook



ABQ Media New York, NY

Marketing Analyst June 20XX – September 20XX

Found that ROI could be improved by 25% by purchasing advertising directly from relevant websites; recommendations helped win 2 referral clients for firm

Made recommendation to reduce by 20% average spend required to win new clientsby eliminating less qualified prospects near beginning of sales process

Explain fundamentals of online marketing to clients and encouraged them to invest in additional services with firm; top client later increased campaign budget by $1,000 per month

University Investment Club Chicago, IL

Investment Officer September 20XX – Present

Analyzed variety of blue-chip, growth, and dividend-yielding stocks and made recommendations on potential investments; fund later decided to allocate $12,000 to selected stocks

o$5,000 Investment in $50 Billion IT Services Company

§Found that firm was undervalued by 5-10% due to sector downturn; recommended investing based on long-term earnings growth, and stock later appreciated 8% in 6 months

o$5,000 Investment in $20 Billion Regional Commercial Bank

§Determined that bank was likely to increase dividends to match competitors; made recommendation to invest, and fund later earned 5% return on investment in 4 months

o$2,000 Investment in $1 Billion Pharmaceutical Growth Stock

§Estimated total market size and found that company’s key drug could reach broader customer base than expected; company was undervalued by 10-20% according to DCF analysis

Men’s Basketball Team Chicago, IL

Point Guard September 20XX – Present

Led team’s offense and produced first winning record in past 4 years; earned average of 10 points and 8 assists per game

Improved team’s image on-campus and helped recruit 3 promising rookies to team

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