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Sample cover letter for Internship position at Facebook



Respected Sir,

I am interested in working as a research intern at your university under your guidance during summer May-July, 2016. This will provide me with invaluable experience and knowledge in the field of Computer Science, and working in a foreign country will provide me with exposure and enhance my understanding about people enabling me to learn a lot about foreign culture. I also do believe that, in the field of research, my country is not one of the best. My sole purpose of taking up a summer research internship is to gain practical knowledge which cannot be found in books. With all due respect, I DO NOT NEED/WANT A STIPEND for this intern. I am willing to pay for my transportation, accommodation and other living costs. My areas of interest are : Networks and communication, Data Mining, Cloud Computing, Artificial Intelligence, Algorithm and Theory, Machine Learning & Pattern Recognition, Computer-Human Interaction and Computer Graphics.

I, Rohit Naik Jarupla, am a sophomore majoring in Computer Science and Engineering at the Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi (IITD). IIT Delhi is one of the most prestigious engineering colleges in our country. I cracked the formidable IITJEE in the year 2014, with an All India Rank of 29 in Reserved Category (ST) and 7312 in Open Category. In high school (11th grade/intermediate) I was selected for the KVPY fellowship program (an All India program) where I was provided with a scholarship of ₹60,000. In 10th grade, I secured a State Rank of 69 in the National Science Olympiad (NSO).

In my 10th grade, I had programed an Instant messaging software in Java using Socket classes entirely on my own. I’ve been interest in programing and in the field of Computer Science in general ever since. So far, I haven’t had much of either research or company internship experience, and I’d like to make this summer internship, should you choose to accept, my very first official, full-fledged Research Intern. Sir, I may lack experience, but don’t let it deter any chance I have of landing an intern, as I’m confident that my eagerness and interest in research will more than compensate for it.

Some of the courses I’ve taken up at IIT, viz., Data Structures and Algorithms, Digital Logic and System Design, Computer Architecture and Programing Language, and the research papers I’ve read online at various universities have gotten me interested in the aforementioned areas of research.

Sir, I understand that I am a little late at applying for internships now. But if you still have a spot vacant on your research team, I humbly request you to consider me as a prospective research intern. I am not looking for a way to spend the summer on a vacation in a foreign country(I’ve already been to tourist countries in the past on vacations), but to spend a summer that’s meaningful, fun and filled with learning new and exciting topics in Computer Science under your guidance. I can assure you I will put my heart and soul into the work I’m assigned and work up to your expectations. If you don't have a project at this time, I would be grateful if you could suggest me other professors who might have a project at this time.

Yours Sincerely,

Rohit Naik Jarupla

+91 98-104-22284

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