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Sample cover letter for Full Time position at Finance



Your Name

Street Address

City, State Zip

Phone Number

Today’s Date

Hiring Person

Hiring Person’s Job Title

Hiring Person’s Company

Company Mailing Address

City, State Zip

Dear Mr./Mrs. Hiring Person,

In the first paragraph, tell how you heard about the job opening * (or about the company, if this is not an advertised job but rather one you are trying to discover or create by making direct contact). Mention the actual job title, and say that you’re sending a resume that shows how you’re qualified for that particular job.

(*Try to find somebody who personally knows the Hiring person, and ask if you may say in your cover letter “Bill Smith suggested I write to you directly”. A name the hiring person recognizes helps tremendously in getting you noticed.)

In the second paragraph show some enthusiasm and interest in the company, and appreciation for their products. If you know of a problem or opportunity facing the company, mention it – without in any way criticizing the company. Give an example of something you could do to help resolve the problem or help take advantage of the opportunity.

(The best example would be something similar that you did for a previous employer to improve the situation.)

In the third paragraph, tell how you will follow through. “I’ll call your office early next week to see if we could meet soon and discuss this job opening.”

(Of, if you’re exploring for unadvertised jobs that may come up: “I’ll call your office next week to see if we could meet soon to discuss your company’s need for help in the near future.”)

(Or, if you’re answering a blind ad in the newspaper, and CAN’T call them – just end on an upbeat note and provide a phone number with an answering machine where you can be reached.)


Joseph Job Hunter

Enclosed: resume

#400 Cover Letter Template – Ready-To-Go Resumes

Stephen Diego

4545 Home Street

Berkeley, CA 94707

(510) 515-5151

January 23, 2009

Jean Cabrillo

V.P., Operations, South America

International Widget Corporation

222 Union Street

San Francisco, CA 94110

Dear Jean Cabrillo,

This letter is to express my interest in the position as Systems Engineer for International Widget Corporation in South America, announced in the December job listing at the UC Berkeley Placement Center. I am also sending a resume, showing that my expertise exactly matches the requirements listed in the position announcement.

This position particularly caught my eye, as I recently read in the Wall Street Journal that International Widget is considering converting all in-house computers to Windows for DOS. I have a strong software background, and have just returned from a two-year stint in Argentina where I functioned as an independent computer specialist/programmer for a variety of businesses. Among other tasks, I installed and utilized Microsoft products, including Windows for DOS, and I have been developing applications in Microsoft Quick C for Windows. I earned a reputation among my clients for ensuring product satisfaction, and I would be happy to supply a list of client references.

I have always admired the success of International Widget, particularly in South America, where I find the technical developments challenging and rewarding. I would very much enjoy discussing the possibility of our working together. I look forward to hearing from you.

In the third paragraph, tell how you will follow through. “I’ll call your office early next week to see if we could meet soon and discuss this job opening.”


Stephen Diego

Enclosed: resume

Example using #400 Cover Letter Template – Written by Susan Ireland

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