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Sample cover letter for Internship position at Firm



Good Morning Everyone. How are you doing? I know Dan used to be my OM. He knows more or less how effective I am in the team and how much of a leader I am in Tri-Firm. I am going to speak to you more about it. I'm in the final inspection area in step 2 at Tri-Firm. I've been taking all my time and all my effort leading final inspection for a while. I also have been involved in most of the projects in the final inspection area. I have my portfolio here to show some EZ-A3's, A3's, and a big A3 worked on final inspection which was the final 4-step. It is giving us at this moment 30 hours less of payout to producing by 30 hours at final inspection payout. The 4-step is more efficient, especially now that it has a new layout. I was also part of creating and driving the final inspection 4-step. I have been involved in a lot of trainings in Tri-Firm. I collaborated to training most of the grease belters and buffers at Tri-Firm. Most of the trainees I trained are now higher and good at what they do. As a leader I've been involved in conflict, quality, and operators which is . I have had conflict where the person gets upset because they cannot receive feedback well. One of the conflicts I've had is Christina she was very stubborn and not a good feedback taker. Now, we have been working more as a team. I've given her feedback about over blasting and she has gotten a lot better. She has been listening and taking the feedbacks well. I am interested in this MPL role because I feel that I am leading in some way already in my area. People see me as a leader. I get good feedbacks about my leadership. I get compliments about how I lead final inspection. I deal a lot with quality and I help a lot of people fix defects. I work on it and I am good at it. People ask me for my feedback all the time. I even help the grease belters and buffers which some I have trained. Since I am final inspection and the borderline there, co-workers trust me and always want to get my feedback directly.

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