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Sample cover letter for Internship position at Forbes Indonesia




I am writing to apply to be an editorial intern in Forbes Indonesia as advertised by your company. I am a 3rd year undergraduate majoring in International Relations currently on an exchange student program in National University of Singapore taking course from its New Media and Communication Department and Economics Department.

As an emerging economy, I think the role of media is very vital for Indonesia because information serves as the most invaluable asset as it could tell us on how to utilize our resources effectively. That way, media such as Forbes Magazine will be able to inform and give insights about how the business community can contribute to the overall development of this country. This purpose of media makes me really intrigued to work for a business magazine and I believe Forbes Indonesia will offer the best learning process for its interns as a leading business magazine.

Through my degree program I took courses such as International Development, Multinational Companies in International Political Economies and International Institution that allows me to gain insight about economic and political issue and how it intersects.

In my exchange program, I get an opportunity to do something that I am very keen on, media and economics. In one of the modules that I am taking which is Media Writing, our regular exercise is to make a real news piece. That way, I am trained to conduct an interview and write news. I’ve been challenged by this course because I need to interview people from very foreign background such as taxi driver. I am very pleased that I manage to produce a newsworthy writing and completely thrilled by the experience as it has allowed me to see many different sides of the place I live in.

I am also a research assistant in Indonesia Development Institute, working for a project aimed to create the first Indonesian International Politics and International Trade White Book. Throughout this opportunity I got a more in-depth research skill as I was mentored by senior researchers. It also trained my organizational skill as I am also involved in planning the research itself namely setting out the timeline, conducting a discussion and connecting with relevant stakeholders.

I think these previous experiences can contribute to my suitability for the editorial position. I believe that this opportunity will benefit me and push me beyond the limit as I expect the industry to be really fast-paced and demanding.

I would like to be an intern for Forbes Indonesia and contribute to its continued success. I would be able to complete up to three months full-time internship starting from the end of May to the end of August. I attach my CV for your further consideration and I hope to hear from you in due course

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