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Sample cover letter for Internship position at GAM


Financial Analyst

My primary interest is in the field of finance especially Investment firms, which is evident from my self-motivated decision to take additional and versatile experience, from a prestigious university in US. In order to practice the theory I studied during various financial modules at universities at London and Boston, I need to work in the relevant field such as asset management. In this regard, I found GAM - world’s leading independent, pure-play asset managers as an excellent choice. With impressive outlook of over USD 130billion of assets under management and its presence in 11 countries, GAM is the company, I would love to work for. Further, GAM’s culture of openness and policy to allow managers to think and act independently as per individual philosophies and style is all I need to explore my potential in order to learn substantively and at the same time contribute positively in the company for its long term success. I am confident that the placement will provide me the requisite experience to complement my studies to achieve the career I strive for.

In view of above, I find myself a potential candidate for Internship at GAM, because the placement offered is research driven and major portion of my studies and expertise is related to the field of research as well. In that respect, I have been trained in collecting data through wide range of print and electronic sources and to conduct critical evaluation and a thorough analysis to prepare reports, accordingly. I used to collect data from Reuters, Bloomberg’s terminals and other Internet links on campus during different course modules and present the reports in class on PowerPoint, regularly. In result of these performances in various modules I earned a first class grade. Further, I am keen to work on excel. During a rigorous module of ‘Collecting and Using Business Data’ I have learnt an entire process of preparing and interpreting data on graphs/ charts, and preparing a business report. Furthermore, I learnt interpersonal and problem solving skills that I exercised in variety of tasks conducted at Bramley lakes, part of teamwork and leadership module at university. Moreover, on my own initiative, I was able to exercise leadership qualities and sharpen time and resource management skills by volunteering to help flood stricken people of rural areas by successfully leading a team of friends for collecting basic necessities like food and clothes and supplying the same to around fifty families.

Finally, I would like to offer my services to work in the fund’s exciting and motivated environment as I believe that with all my skills, expertise, knowledge and qualifications mentioned above and my passion for financial world make me the best fit for the company like GAM, London limited.

Thank you for your consideration and I look forward to speaking with you in the near future.

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