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Sample cover letter for Internship position at GCG



I am a penultimate year student, on track to achieve a 2.1 upper honours degree. Currently, I am partaking in an exchange programme studying at the University of Sydney. With this, I am interested in applying for the role of project consultant at GCG.

After attending numerous consulting careers fair and insight days, I was drawn to a profession revolving around strategic challenges, constant variety and achieving results. It is these attributes I find highly lucrative in any career, making management consulting my ideal speciality. The chance to work on real cases under leading mentors at GCG particularly attracts me. Nonetheless, the central reason for choosing this particular business area is being able to see real world changes as a direct consequence of your actions. This is genuinely exciting.

The abilities of a management consultant suitably mirror that of an engineer. Throughout my degree, I feel I have developed the combination of skills necessary for consulting, from leadership and presentation to a strong analytical ability. I have frequently written and presented data to professors and peers, working either independently or within a team. In addition, I have worked extensively on engineering based case studies, such as the redesign of a heating furnace in order to maximise its profit from both an engineering and business perspective. Acting as a leader within these situations sharpened my ability to methodically break down, evaluate and distribute tasks while simultaneously developing interpersonal and communication skills.

I have worked as part of a team in both an academic and professional environment. As a barista in a fast-paced environment, I was able to develop the ability to learn and adapt quickly. A high level of communication was also needed in order to work as an effective team member, particularly in demanding situations.

Having participated in various volunteering schemes, I have a strong admiration for pro-bono work. Strengthening communities are integral to our society and I feel this can best be done through developing and implementation of sustainable strategies. The opportunity to utilise and share my knowledge is something I aspire to do. Furthermore, I hope that I will gain immensely, both personally and professionally, from this experience.

I have enclosed my CV with this application and look forward to hearing from you shortly. Thank you for your time and consideration. 

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