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Sample cover letter for Full Time position at GE



Muhammad Affan

Flat No. 404, Ibrahim Al-Kous Building, Al-Nabba, Sharjah, United Arab Emirates 00971-56-4321042 / 00971-50-4706972 /

15th December,2015

To GE’s Hiring Manager

Dear Sir / Mam,

I am applying for OMLP Program Associate Job, Abu Dhabi at GE. I came to know about this job through a job notification email.

I did my Bachelors of Engineering (Honours) in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Nottingham (One of the top 10 universities in the UK), Malaysia Campus. I achieved a grade of First Class in my degree. Apart from this I also hold a diploma in Aerospace Engineering from the Emirates Aviation College, Dubai, United Arab Emirates. I secured first position in it.

I have been very eagerly looking for an entry level position at GE as I believe that GE provides an outstanding platform for learning and developing oneself through various leadership programs. During this 2 year program I will have an opportunity to build leadership and functional skills through challenging rotational assignments and GE’s world-class training. I am also capable of travelling to different locations as part of this job and can very soon get accustomed to the environment of a new location and start my career in an international environment. This is proved by my bachelor’s degree which I got when living abroad in Malaysia. Moreover I am very keen in learning engineering with some business principles as well and this program will give me exactly that through assignments and training in manufacturing shop operations, process engineering, six sigma quality, materials and supply chain management, environmental health and safety and sourcing. I will have an opportunity to indulge in business training which will train me in project management, team leading, negotiation and manufacturing finance. I was particularly interested in project management and six sigma quality when I studied about these two subjects during my bachelor’s degree. Now I will have a chance of implementing them practically.

I also possess good verbal and writing communication skills in English. This is proved by the good results that I achieved during my English O-Level, GRE and the IELTS exam. Being born and brought up in the UAE, I can read, write and speak Arabic to some extent as well. I have a good command over Microsoft Office and many engineering softwares such as Pro-E, Gasturb 11, CES EduPack, Autocad etc. My lecturers have always made commendable comments about my rapid learning of things, flexibility to study and work anywhere and in any condition, my conscientious nature and also about myself being confident and positive. Moreover, my supervisors have always thought that I am a person who is results-driven, determined and decisive, have strong planning, organizing and monitoring abilities and who can take bold and risky steps in any challenging task given to me and then carry it out independently. I am also capable of working with my peers and colleagues. Through the various leadership roles I had taken in my university life for various engineering projects, I have gained intense leadership skills and have also enhanced my self-confidence and maturity as well.

I am currently working in Dubai temporarily. In the meanwhile, I am in the process of looking for jobs in my field of interest at GE. My current temporary job as a mechanical engineer has as a result given me the skill of project management.

I am very keen in developing my career with GE through this leadership program in the Oil and Gas sector at GE. I personally believe that I have what it takes to work at GE. I have the right qualifications and characteristics to work and excel at GE. I just need the right opportunity to do so.

Finally, I thank you very much for your time and consideration and will be looking forward in continuing this conversation with you.


Muhammad Affan

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