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Sample cover letter for Full Time position at GE



Dear Sir or Madam,

With great enthusiasm, I  would like to apply for the position of an---. As a well- qualified, pro-active, and enthusiastic fresh graduate, I am confident, I fit in well with the requirements of your position. While I have greatly enjoyed and excelled in my academic conquests, I feel the need for a personal and professional change.Your organization is poised to create a people oriented, work culture and it is truly exciting to be a part of the same.

Having specialized in Process Engineering during my Master study, I have experience in documentation and hazard identification and prevention like HAZAN, HAZOP, and risk analysis. To gain an understanding of applying these principles in a plant, I ensured I was sufficiently informed of the same, by means of various industrial visits to chemical plants. These skills will be instrumental while conducting performance reviews and developing risk management strategies for your Group’s gas and power needs.

Apart from technical skills, I pride at possessing good managerial skills like team working, communication and co-ordination. My excellence in team projects, and my ability to co-ordinate between departments and universities helped me hone my skills as a manager. Furthermore, my negotiation, documentation, presentation and communication skills were honed during my experiences with university projects and internship experiences. Implementing good managerial acuity, I hope to develop myself to a top-level manager at your company.

As a result of my internship experiences, I have a thorough knowledge of the challenges presented in the oil, gas and energy sector. Furthermore, by interacting with top-level managers during my internships, I learnt the tricks of the trade, and the methods to overcome daily challenges in this chemical sector. I am confident that these experiences will be instrumental in conducting my daily activities at your organization.

In conclusion, my education and internship experiences deem me well suited to work with you. Therefore, it is with keen interest that I am applying, and look forward to having a glorious career in your organization.

Thank you very much for your time and consideration.

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