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Sample cover letter for Internship position at GM


Supply Chain Intern


gawli.r@husky.neu.edu | 857-407-9132 | Boston, MA

Dates Available: January – August 2016

Dear Hiring Manager,

I am seeking this opportunity to apply for the internship/co-op position at your firm. I am currently pursuing my Master’s in Engineering Management at Northeastern University, Boston, and I am eager at the prospect of gaining practical experience with an innovative and recognized firm like yours.

I believe my college coursework has given me a lot of preparation to become an asset to your company. I have been exposed to several topics in my curriculum like Probability and Statistics, Project Management & Operations Research and keen to develop specialized skills in this area.

My experience as a Project Manager at ARG Infrastructure has provided me with an abundance of learning, it has helped me develop important resource management and technical skills with an excellent work ethic. It has taught me how to work efficiently in a team and also alone. I have had a chance to work with four different project managers simultaneously and understand the need of sound decision making at critical times, at the same time managing and scheduling skilled workers at sites as and when necessary before getting promoted as a Project Manager myself. These projects tested and enhanced my managerial, communication and interpersonal skills. While working and being a part of various projects I have realized that I have been able to successfully conceive, develop and execute strategies.

I am determined and enthusiastic towards the task I have been assigned to be completed. I have gained confidence over a period of time by hands on training in and at the core of transportation engineering department at my former internship. I believe time is of the utmost value and try my best to live up to the expectations of others.

Receiving an opportunity to work as an intern here would be an honor. I would really like to contribute on strategic projects that would help in my growth and development of the company. I feel that your firm places significant prominence in job satisfaction and keeping the employees and clients happy. It would be a privilege to serve as an intern with you and get the exposure I need to advance in my career.

I am eager to discuss this opportunity further with you. Please feel free to contact me at the phone number or email listed above. Thank you for your consideration and I look forward for your response.


Rohit Gawli

Northeastern University


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