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Sample cover letter for Internship position at GOOGLE



Dear [],

I am writing to apply for the Autumn 2015 London Graduate Placement opportunity at Strategy&, as advertised on Inside Careers.

Through my experience working with large datasets from investment flows, climate models, and fieldwork measurements, I have developed the analytical research skills required to successfully extract value from the growing data sources available to firms. I believe my knowledge of GIS is particularly useful in this regard, having used the tool to produce my undergraduate dissertation. Complementing these analytical attributes, my work for both [] and [] has demonstrated my ability to present and communicate results that provide value to clients. For example, my published report on Chinese investment for [] has not only been used to enhance the firm’s own capabilities in advising clients, but has also received wider interest following publication by [], a global network of oil and gas executives. This report was written having been asked to return to [] following previously successful research on African agricultural capabilities. Finally, having studied two diverse degrees, I believe I have not only shown my adaptability to dynamic working environments, but also enhanced my critical thinking. When working for [], for instance, while Geography’s relational approach was helpful in identifying the factors influencing Chinese investment flows, the more focused economic and policy-based thinking had greater use when considering specific client responses to these trends.

My personal interests in green technology development particularly attract me to Strategy& compared to its competitors, given the importance the firm places on innovation and understanding its determinants. My proposed MSc dissertation will examine the factors driving green technology advancement, and I would relish the chance to apply and expand this knowledge to different technologies and sectors. In addition, Strategy&’s stress on the growing role of analytics and big data to enhance business performance particularly appeals to my interest and enjoyment in this area. The opportunity to continue using GIS and the other approaches developed through my academic career, but in the context of the fast-paced, results-driven environment that Strategy&’s reputation demands, fits well with my professional ambitions. I believe this particular graduate placement scheme would provide the ideal conditions under which to learn and develop my consultancy skills, while allowing me to demonstrate my potential for a longer-term position with Strategy&.

This is a very exciting opportunity and I look forward to discussing my application further. Thank you for your time and consideration.

Yours sincerely,


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