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Sample cover letter for Internship position at GoDaddy


Software Developer Intern

Dear Sirs:

I am a first-year graduate student at Arizona State University, pursuing a Master of Science in Software Engineering. I am currently working as a graduate teaching assistant at ASU this semester, teaching an introductory Python course. While researching on your website, I found the opening for this software engineering internship. With my skills and knowledge base, I would be able to help facilitate the development and maintenance process and be prepared to tackle on a variety of projects.

In my freshman year of college, I worked on a project that involved making a Sudoku game standalone Java application. I really enjoyed working together with a classmate on this project because we could rely on each other's different skills. He could use my object oriented graphics design skills, and I could use his algorithm creation skills to solve the problem. We synchronized our code using GitHub, an online project-hosting platform. It was a very successful partnership.

In addition to Java, I have worked with SQL. During my fall semester of junior year, I worked
on a team project that involved creating a simple online book database, similar to Amazon. It provided the ability for users to search for and purchase books from a selection of books. I worked mostly on the front-end side of the project, as well as generating queries to retrieve the data from the database. Together as a group of three, we were able to model, design and implement the mock database in a web application using PHP and PostGreSQL.

Last summer I worked as a software engineer intern at Garmin, working primarily with Objective-C. I have already had some experience with Objective-C prior to the internship. I have created small programs and studied the language during my spare time, so I was excited to dive in and expand my skills. Over the course of my internship, I learned a great deal about UX design in Cocoa and Objective-C applications. My task was to work on a video recording application called VirbMobile for the iPhone. I implemented a GPS feature for the application that is used to locate the Virb action camera that they use for filming. I collaborated with several team members and received feedback from other teams on this project.

Last spring, I started working with a group of students at a startup called EbookGlue. EbookGlue is a web application that is designed to convert websites and blogs into an ebook format that can be supported by multiple devices, such as iPads and Kindles. We enhance and maintain the content on the EbookGlue webpage. My primary tasks are to make the website more interactive by utilizing different JavaScript frameworks. This experience has helped my JavaScript, HTML, and CSS skills grow.

This past spring, I attended Hack Arizona, a hackathon hosted by the University of Arizona. My team and I built a web application using Node.js that is used to enhance student and teacher interactions during lectures. We used MongoDB to store all of the students' and teachers' information, including the types of questions that were asked, student and teacher names, class names, and number of questions.

I am looking forward to this exciting opportunity to work as a Software Engineer Intern at GrubHub. Thank you for your consideration.

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