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Sample cover letter for Internship position at Goldman Sachs


Asset Management

My experience of shadowing a broker's work has given me an interest in helping people achieve their objectives. As a personal assistant to one of the brokers, I observed their work on selling complex derivatives on the market, as well as devising strategies for his clients on these products. His work, consisting of strategical thinking and working in a reactionary environment, matched the skills I possess and drove my aspiration towards developing a career on the advisory side of the business.

I am currently studying towards a degree in statistics and finance, but have also been playing the double bass for the last twelve years and hold a diploma certificate. This combination shows that I have the quick thinking and solution-oriented focus of a mathematician with the creativity and perseverance of a musician, all traits that are crucial in this industry. In addition, volunteering experiences have helped me better understand the diverse needs of people, as well as improve my interpersonal skills. My propensity to take initiatives is also demonstrated during my internship, as I had actively assisted my seniors in designing and producing presentations about investment. I believe that these experiences will translate into success, especially if given the internship opportunity at Goldman Sachs.

I admire the working culture of Goldman Sachs, in which the early exposure to technical situations and methods leads to the development of some of the best and most focused bankers in the industry. This focus on the people that make the bank, in my opinion, precisely why Goldman Sachs is one of the leading global banks. 

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