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Sample cover letter for Internship position at Goldman Sachs



My name is x, I am a final year x Student in x. I achieved a first class honors in my penultimate year of study and predict that I will achieve the same in my final exams in May. I am writing to you to apply for the 2016 Summer Analyst position at your London office, with a keen interest in a position relating to your equities department.

I have always shown a keen interest in finance, choosing to focus on micro-based and numerically weighted subjects, such as corporate finance, accounting and economics. I take a very analytical approach to problem solving, stemming from my love of Mathematics from a young age. 

I am attracted to the opportunity of working at x for a number of reasons. Firstly the tremendous growth story of your relatively new firm is quite extraordinary. In the span of 27 years you now stand as the largest asset management group in the world, with assets in excess $4.5 trillion. This is truly an incredible feat and I would love the opportunity to work with a firm on its asent to greater things. I believe the program would offer me an invaluble opportunity for personal and career orientated growth. Your firm is known for its horizontal structure, thus the opportunities to learn from seniors and experienced anaylts are endless

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