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Sample cover letter for Internship position at Goldman Sachs


Summer Analyst

I, [Your Name] a sophomore, is pursuing [Course] from [University]and is extremely interested in the field of international and contemporary issues surrounding it. I would really like to join the organization as it would give an impetus to learning the work ethic of the Alexis Foundation as an intern and also learning to find new solutions to the issues pertaining to the subjects like law, psychology, economics and management

In the competitive environment of Law, I can offer commitment, flexibility and enthusiasm for learning. I have the confidence to work independently, while also enjoying working on group projects. My experiences at working on group projects at college strengthened my understanding of team dynamics as well as developing my analytical and time management skills. Required to multi-task, I soon mastered the ability to prioritize tasks through flexible, structured planning to meet various deadlines.

I am ambitious, inquisitive and enthusiastic and through my involvement in the Internship program, with just basic knowledge of International Law I look forward to exploring many aspects of the field of International Law and what the organization has to offer through the internship. 

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