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Sample cover letter for Internship position at Goldman Sachs




Dear Goldman Sachs Recruitment,

The foremost quality about Goldman Sachs that attracted me is its organisational culture. Specifically, it is the extremely challenging but rewarding work environment created by a workplace of highly skilled individuals who thrive on complex strategic problems that are presented daily. I believe this aligns well with my overall attitude both professionally and personally. This attitude is exemplified throughout my current undergraduate studies, from which my breadth subjects are chosen based on how well it complements my major. This means that I have undertaken a range of mathematics subjects that develops an advanced degree of quantitative ability to design subjects that encourages critical thinking and multiple solutions to each creative problem. I find that although these subjects were challenging, have greatly assisted with my personal development and are extremely rewarding through its sense of accomplishment.

My main motivator for entering into the investment banking division can be attributed to a search for variety in my professional career. This is in relation to the vast range of companies and their corresponding industries that an investment banker will come into contact over the course of the career that results in the development of a well-rounded working knowledge of the world. Furthermore, I am drawn to the calibre of individuals, who often are at the top of their field, that an investment banker would have the opportunity to personally interact and assist them on completing deals like mergers and acquisitions. These deals could hugely impact the operations of the organisation or even the industry itself and I am personally excited by the sense of accomplishment that closing such deals could bring.

I thank you for the consideration of my application and look forward to hearing from you,

King Regards,

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