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Sample cover letter for Internship position at Google, Facebook, IBM, Microsoft, Infosys, TCS


Software Engineer, Software Developer

I introduce myself as a full-time undergraduate student pursuing computer engineering in India's one of the best technical institute - SVNIT, Surat.

I love to solve day-to-day problems with the help of Science and Technology.

Some of my projects are to solve garbage problem alongside the road in India. I developed "Bin-e", a garbage collection system to incentivise people for throwing waste in the dustbin.

I believe that as a Google Software Engineer I would have the opportunity to participate in cutting-edge projects that aim at improving people's lives. In addition. This will also allow me to face new challenges on a regular basis and working out innovative solutions.

My technical interests include logic building, programming. In addition, photography, short movie making, exercise, meditation, trekking-cum-travelling, reading novels, writing blogs.

I am also Vice President of Cutting Edge Visionaries group (just like TED of our institute)

I did my 2-months summer internship in IIT Bombay supported startup i.e. yolohealth.in. The main idea is to develop a physicalATM, which do primary health checkups including height, weight, BMI, blood pressure, sugar level, oxygen level, ECG for the time being and many more will be added soon, Along with live doctor consultation (video-conferencing) and show the previous health history of patient. I worked on AngularJS and Django and developed admin dashboard and UI for kiosk-ATM.

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