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Sample cover letter for Full Time position at Google


Business Analyst


Dear HR,

I am contacting you concerning the Trainee Trader position. Due to the fact that I am pursuing a career as a trader, I am applying for this position at your firm.

At the moment I finished my Bachelor degree, majoring in Financial Mathematics from the University of xxxxx. On the basis of my studies I gained a theoretical knowledge of the financial markets as well as a structural work ethic and analytical thinking. The ability to solve complex financial coherences was part of my economic education.

At my job with Goldman Sachs, I was able to gain a broad knowledge in analyzing spreadsheets, and financial products, and developing Excel documents.

Due to my personal interest in the stock market, I enhanced my theoretical knowledge with practical expertise. Thus I gain a broad understanding of different stock analysis techniques like value investing, chart analysis, and different japanese candlestick analysis.

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