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Sample cover letter for Full Time position at Google


Product Manager

I first learned of GreenOrder when Andrew Shapiro spoke on “Using Green to Win: Sustainable Innovation and Competitiveness” at Yale School of Forestry & Environmental Studies this fall, and have been very interested in GreenOrder’s interdisciplinary approach to using green leadership to spur innovation, enhance competitiveness, and boost profits for clients. I was very pleased to see on your website that you are accepting applications for an Analyst position, and I am writing to apply for it. I hold a Masters of Environmental Management from Yale School of Forestry & Environmental Studies with a special focus on climate change economics. I have extensive knowledge of statistics, economics and business management practices, as well as highly developed quantitative and modeling skills. In addition, I have a solid understanding of the challenges and opportunities of corporate social responsibility. Through practical coursework at the Yale School of Management in a course titled Leadership & Values, I examined the arguments behind corporate social responsibility and applied the knowledge learned to a real world group project to devise an environmental strategy for a European airline. As a testimony to the creative problem-solving skills of my team, a suggestion we proposed, which is to replace some of the short-haul flight with high-speed rail services, was developed separately and is now being considered by the particular airline. My professional experience includes a summer internship with the Green Ministry of Environment, where I studied the impact of carbon pricing on major industries in Green, and a case-writing project at Yale in collaboration with CERES, a non-profit organization based in Boston, where I wrote cases about companies that are exemplary in their business response to climate change. With my quantitative training, creative problem-solving skills and relevant coursework and professional experience, I am confident of excelling in the position of Analyst at GreenOrder. I hope you will find my knowledge and experience a great potential addition to GreenOrder and look forward to discussing with you further the possibility of putting my skills to work for your organization. Thank you for your consideration, and I look forward to hearing from you.

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