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Sample cover letter for Internship position at Google


BOLD Program


I am a second year student at the University of California, Los Angeles, and I am pursuing a B.A. in Business Economics with a minor in Accounting. I am very interested in applying for your BOLD program at Google.

I first received an introduction to the internet at a very young age. My father brought home our first PC and taught me how to perform a simple online search. Within a few months I had surpassed his computer skills and in the next five years I taught myself basic programming, web design, and graphic design. From this, I fostered a love for technology and the internet that has only grown to this day. This is one area I look forward to expanding my knowledge in even further by working at Google.

I know that Google understands that the internet is experiencing a big change. Its new products are often targeted at the cloud and mobile computing markets, which I believe are the future of computing. I am a great candidate for your company because I not only understand and use Google products extensively, but I truly believe I see the vision behind such products. I believe that this ability coupled with my credentials qualifies me for a position at Google.

The second area I hope to expand is my leadership and team skills. I currently have extensive experience with leadership positions in organizations, sports teams, and part-time employment. I also have exceptional time management skills and have proved through my schoolwork that I will work as hard as it is necessary to achieve my goals. I know that working at Google would only elevate these skills and feed my passion to learn and grow while working with one of the most brilliant and cutting-edge teams in the world.

Again, I look forward to pursuing the BOLD program that you currently have available and would greatly appreciate speaking with you further. I am confident that my dedication and ability to work within a team as well as my knowledge of the industry qualify me for this position and I feel that I could be a great asset to your team.


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