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Sample cover letter for Internship position at Google


Business Analyst

While attendingthe BBDOInformation Session held at the Vanderbilt Career Center,Ilearnedabout the Assistant Account Executivepositionwithinyouroffice. As of May20xx, Iwillcomplete myBachelor’s Degreewith a doublemajor in English and Psychology.TheAssistant Account Executiveposition appeals to me becauseitrequirescreativity, initiative, flexibility,and the abilitytocollaborate with ateam in order to deliver exceptional serviceto clients. Throughout mycollege career,Ihaveparticipated in volunteer and

leadership activities which have allowed meto develop thoseskills.In addition, myinternshipexperiences have provided mewith a solid foundation inclient relations.

Duringsummer 20xxasan intern forOgilvyPublicRelations Worldwide in New York City,Iassisted Account Executives with anumberof clients such asBP, Aveeno, and Dupont.In this capacity,Iresearched these companiesand developed press materials includingfact sheets and backgrounders.As thesummerprogressed, myresponsibilities increased andallowed me togain exposureto allaspects of various campaignsfrom inception to maintenance.Bythe end of mysecond month,Iproposed anew method for compiling client data, which the SeniorAccount Executive forthe PRDivision implemented in Augustand has sinceled to $20,000

ofnew projects forthe team.

Interningin theAdvertisingDepartment at SPINMagazine provided metheopportunityto collaborate with staff from various recordlabels and clubs. Thus,Ilearned manyaspects of the business side of themusic industry. This experienceintroduced me to the finer points of securingnewaccounts and buildingrelationships with clients such as Coca-Cola and Nike.Inaddition,Iassistedthe team inplanningten promotionalevents as part ofasummerconcertseries foremergingartists. Theseinternships, coupled with myleadership in the Psi Chi honorarysocietyandmysorority,haveprovided me manyopportunities to conduct a needsassessmentfor agroup and thencreate subsequentprogramming to addressthose needs. Throughthiscombination ofskillsand experience,IamconfidentthatIcouldbeanassettoyourstaffintheAssistantAccountExecutiveposition.

TheprospectofbecomingamemberoftheAtlantaofficeofBBDOWorldwidewouldbeawelcomeandexciting challenge. Ifyouhavequestionsorwishtoarrangeaninterview,Imaybereachedat(615)555-2121or Jo.b.seeker@vanderbilt.edu.Thankyouforyourtimeandconsideration.

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